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perfect cheesecake

The Perfect Cheesecake

After sharing The Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe, It is only fair to share my most favorite Cheesecake recipe of all times. This recipe is slightly

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baba ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush

A few years ago, Al Jazeera Documentary produced a Ramadan series on the origin of traditional Arabic dishes. I remembered watching an episode on baba

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Libyan Soup in a bowl

Libyan Soup

My mum spent many years of her childhood living with her family in Libya, where my grandpa used to work. Their friends there were from

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Red Lentil Kofte

I can still remember the first time I tasted these flavorful patties. An Armenian friend offered me some and told me this was their kibbeh

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Fattoush Salad

Every person has at least one go to salad and this is mine. It is so easy to prepare and tastes delicious. Fattoush is a

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